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As our tagline states, we are Business Accelerators, not just Business Consultants. We speed up the areas of any business that affect revenue and profitability and we move good ideas and strategy forward faster. A by product of our involvement is that business owners sleep better at night.


Some of our clients come to us for help in restructuring their sales organization (or building one from scratch); others need our experience to facilitate a comprehensive sales strategy that touches on everything from evaluating personnel and sales process to pricing and product development.


Many of our clients have struggled in the past because different departments or groups within their company have been operating in silos and despite past attempts, they are still trying to grow as a fragmented organization. We can bring these groups to the table and get them to “buy in” to new ideas and initiatives that benefit everyone.


Call us at 1-828-263-1114 to tell us about your current situation and to learn more about what we can do for you.