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Small Business Consulting


Our experience includes a special focus on small business consulting, especially for those that are family owned and operated. Not only because this is an underserved community but also because of our own personal backgrounds.


Although this clientele represents many different industries, the issues and challenges are very similar. Trying to grow beyond a small management team, creating a sales organization that fuels consistent, sustainable growth, acquiring new customers without sacrificing customer service or core customer base.


Please read on to understand how we think about and approach solutions to small business challenges.


  • What are the obstacles to growth?
  • How are you valuing your business?
  • What roles do Market Potential, Sales Strategy and Compensation play in the growth of your business?


Moving Your Business from Survival to Significance


What are the obstacles to growth?


Change is often hardest in small companies. Many small businesses struggle to become truly significant because they are trying to increase revenue and productivity and gain market share using the "survival skills" that helped start the business.


As the scope of the business changes, the hard work and force-of-will efforts that were essential to early survival can become an obstacle to and a drag on future growth. In addition, much of the knowledge possessed in small business is based on accumulated, trial and error experience and not always easily transferable to new employees or easily expansible to new objectives or groups of people.


How are you valuing your business?


The value of the business is a function of top line revenue, market potential and the ability to systematically capture (through right processes) more revenue (customers).


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