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Sales Strategy


If sales revenue isn't where it should be, something in your Sales Strategy is not working or is missing altogether. It's that simple.


We see sales strategy as a never-ending ever-improving process of identifying, targeting, acquiring and retaining profitable customers. Just like the stock market (historical gains are no guarantee of future returns), sales strategy has to be forward looking and produce consistent revenue growth.


For our clients, this process involves:



In the real world, time and resource constraints mean that sales strategy doesn't always happen in that sequence. Something always gets more attention and trade offs are made. Gilmore Lewis helps you create, re-organize and energize your sales strategy by bringing all aspects of your sales organization to the highest level of performance and aligning them with your business goals.


The difference between working with Gilmore Lewis and the average sales consulting firm is that we put more emphasis on implementing the strategy and generating results than just making recommendations. Please contact us to find out how we can help you build and implement an effective Sales Strategy to move your business forward.