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Sales & Service Organization Structure


One of the ways Gilmore Lewis works with clients to increase revenue and productivity is by improving the effectiveness of their Sales Organization Structure.


Just like everything else that can be improved in a Sales Organization the Structure needs to be aligned to support the Sales Strategy. With that in mind we help companies build the framework or structure to accomplish this.


Here are a few elements that are intertwined with the Structure that we address:


Sales Model Optimization

Here our efforts are focused on helping clients align their Sales Team with Target Markets, Prospects and Existing Customers. This includes defining the right sales roles, sales channels, and territories.


Effective Sales Processes

To be effective, sales processes need to be aligned with your sales model. We can help you develop the right processes and organizational structure to support your unique business model.


The Right Sales People

In his book "Good to Great" Jim Collins identifies one thing good-to-great leaders did concerning staffing. He says "...they first got the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats." We can help you to identify the right people and the right "seats" for them. Article

eHow thinks we know what we are talking about and quoted Mark Gilmore in their article on "The Best Practices for a Sales Organization Structure".


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