Business Consulting

Sales & Service Operations


One of the ways Gilmore Lewis, LLC works with clients to increase revenue and productivity is by improving the effectiveness of their sales and service operations infrastructure. By Sales Operations infrastructure we are referring to the business tools and applications the sales can use to enhance their competitive advantage.


Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis and Business Intelligence cover the collection, consolidation, analysis and access to information that allows users across a business to make better decisions.


Sales Automation & CRM

Through our CRM Selection Service we can help you select or adapt appropriate technology that will support your unique sales processes. Since we do not sell CRM software we can help ensure you do not get over-sold by a software sales rep and select the most appropriate solution to fit your business.


Sales Forecast & Pipeline

Whatever term you use, whether it is Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel or Sales Forecast, we can help you develop best practice sales forecasting and pipeline management for your unique situation.


Sales Planning

This is an opportunity for you to plug in certain known elements, resources, environmental situations and attempt to envision how these will interact. It is a testing ground for business ideas before you put them out in the real world.

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