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The Evolution of Offshoring

Multinationals and large corporations that have in the past outsourced and/or offshored manufacturing and service work are now coming full circle with this process. As outlined in a few previous Gilmore Lewis, LLC blogs, companies have begun to see an increase in wages overseas as well as in some cases issues with quality and a compounding of shipping costs thus causing them to rethink the process and to “reshore” some of their overseas manufacturing.

The theme that is now emerging (pun intended) is that many of these companies are bringing the manufacturing process back to the US for products produced here and reducing or repurposing their outsourced operations to address the local emerging markets that have become consumers of their products such as India and China.

Even China sees value in this and with Lenovo as an example has opened a facility in North Carolina in order to manufacture PCs for the US market. The political implication of this is not lost on many Americans, but there is a value to having the R&D and production right here in the US in order to speed delivery to market of their products.

Tata Motors of India is even brining some manufacturing capacity for Range Rover back to the UK for the local market there.

For more on this topic see the Economist’s Special Report: Outsourcing and Offshoring, and the section titled Reshoring Manufacturing: Coming home.


America’s Manufacturing Renaissance

The shift bringing manufacturing back to the US is gaining momentum. A number of factors are at play here: increasing wages in emerging markets; a weakening dollar (making US goods more affordable overseas); and an energy production boom in the US (especially due to natural-gas).

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Bringing Manufacturing Back to America from China

This article on CNNMoney about US Businesses rethinking where they want their products manufactured reinforces what we have been telling clients all along, that products made in China are by their very nature going to be done by cutting corners and that you get what you pay for.

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SEO: Snake Oil or a Miracle Cure?

After six years of DIY SEO including reading a number of SEO books, scouring forums and trial and error I think I can safely say SEO is a lot like dieting. Every month there are new diet fads coming out competing for your hard earned money. In much the same way there are SEO firms hawking the latest and greatest solution to make your site number one in Google and Yahoo! We receive about 5 of these emails a week.

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Outsourcing Sales

Outsourcing Sales can be done in a variety of ways, including using: Manufacturers Reps Rep Firm Sales Channels Outsourced Sales Firm (Using Their Employees) Outsourced Sales Management (Using Your Employees) Gilmore Lewis, LLC happens to provide the last item listed above, Outsourced Sales Management using your employees.

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