Business Consulting

Customer Service


  • Who is involved in servicing your customers? Who needs to be?
  • How well are the people on the front lines of your company trained?
  • How consistent is their execution?
  • Would your rate your customer service as something worth talking about?
  • Would you be a return customer at your company?
  • Is customer service leading consistently to additional revenue?
  • What's the word on the street about you?


These are but a few questions to prompt you to consider what proactive steps you have taken to view your company through your customers’ eyes and to highlight opportunities for improvement.


Many companies today struggle to become truly significant because they are trying to increase revenue and productivity and gain market share using the "survival skills" that helped start the business. As the scope of the business changes, the hard work and force-of-will efforts that were essential to early survival can become an obstacle to and a drag on future growth. This is especially true when it comes to servicing customers.


Superior customer service is the easiest way for businesses to differentiate and distance themselves from the competition, but it also the most overlooked and underutilized. One thing is certain; you can put customer service in a box and delegate it to specific persons or roles in your company and expect to have loyal customers. Great service should equal loyal customers that should equal unsolicited referrals. Customer satisfaction should be the lowest level of acceptable service in your company.


Everyone is involved in the relationship with your customers- from sales and service personnel to production, accounting and management. Without clearly defined service principles, process and measurable expectations, you could be mismanaging your most important assets.


We help companies create, refine and enhance service related processes and policies across all roles. We do this by analyzing current customer services procedures, then develop the principles and buy in that raise the bar on service and keep everyone challenged to improve each day. Most importantly, because we believe customer service is a means to an end, we create links between customer service and revenue so that you can measure the results.