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Customer Relationships


More and more, companies are returning to a complete focus on their customers and unshackling themselves from internally focused business practices and product based models. Viewing their customers as assets and creating a results based customer relationship management strategy is replacing outdated command and control infrastructure. These companies are discovering:


  • Employees are more productive when focused on customer related goals instead of internal management driven practices and procedures
  • Adapting to change is faster and easier when based on customer needs and requests
  • Additional revenue streams are discovered and forecasted
  • Barriers to collaboration between departments and roles are removed


We don't stop at customer centric. Most companies want to provide outstanding customer service, but our expertise takes that to the next level by making it part of the revenue stream.


Gilmore Lewis helps you create the sustainable way to grow revenue by aligning business focus and processes with revenue goals based on customer-centered metrics.


To learn more about how we can help you increase your return on your investment in your sales and customer service organization Contact Us or see the key components of Customer Relationships we can assist you with.



Key Components of Customer Relationships:


Customer Lifecycle Management

Every customer has a lifecycle, from the first contact to initial transaction to ongoing business to referrals. Understanding how every role and process in your company touches and affects your customers is the best way to attack problems and make positive changes.


Customer-Centric Focus

Because competition today is less about who has the best products and more about which company can spend the most time interacting with (and therefore learning from) its customers you need a customer centric focus- looking at your customers as assets, not as a cost of doing business.


Customer Service

Superior customer service is the easiest way for businesses to differentiate and distance themselves from the competition, but it also the most overlooked and underutilized. One thing is certain; you can't put customer service in a box and delegate it to specific persons or roles in your company and expect to have loyal customers.


Customer Retention

In a highly competitive world driven by information, your customers have lots of choices. They are continuously asked to either remain your customer or go to another product or service. At the same time, you may be asking them to buy more of your products and services or renew contracts or leases that span several years. It's long been said that it costs seven times more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.


Customer Referrals

A loyal customer referring business to you is like "found money". It is the payoff for everything you've done to sell, service and maintain a relationship with a valuable customer. You have earned the right to new referral business. Customer referrals should be a top priority in every business but many times it's left to chance. It should be viewed like every other sale, with it's own process, cost of sale and compensation.