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Customer Referrals


A loyal customer referring business to you is like "found money". It is the payoff for everything you've done to sell, service and maintain a relationship with a valuable customer. You have earned the right to new referral business. Customer referrals should be a top priority in every business but many times it's left to chance. It should be viewed like every other sale, with it's own process, cost of sale and compensation.


What do loyal (as opposed to simply satisfied) customers do?


They act on your behalf to build your business. They act like salespeople, customer service people, PR people, advertising people, stockholders and owners of your business.


We help our customers create a referral revenue stream by:


  • Defining the process for reactive and pro-active referrals
  • Introducing the "3D" customer reference
  • Developing the referral revenue forecast
  • Creating the compensation plan for customer referrals-both internal and external
  • Training employees and creating enthusiasm on their role in the customer loyalty process


Customer loyalty in the form of referral business, once achieved, is one thing your competition will never have