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Customer Lifecycle Management


  • What is it like to be your customer?
  • Is the customer the central focus of your company or just a by-product of internal goals and processes?
  • Do you know who is talking to your customers on a daily basis?
  • How long should your average customer lifecycle be?


These are but a few questions to prompt you to consider what proactive steps you have taken to view your company through your customers’ eyes and to highlight opportunities for improvement.


Customer Lifecycle


Every customer has a lifecycle, from the first contact to initial transaction to ongoing business to referrals. Understanding how every role and process in your company touches and affects your customers is the best way to attack problems and make positive changes.


Many organizations have these roles and processes in "silos" making it difficult to see the big picture and make critical changes to people and process that must happen for future growth based on loyal, profitable customers. Just as important, this lifecycle should be seen from the customer's perspective as well. Often when companies say they want long-term relationships with their customers, they are usually describing the customer's participation in the relationship.


We help you properly manage profitable customer relationships by defining and understanding your customer lifecycle and then determine how, when and where to affect it. This takes into account the processes that affect your customer: sales, service, accounting, retention and referrals. This is the first step in a process for organizations that want to become truly customer-centric from top to bottom.