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Customer-Centric Focus


  • Are customers recognized and treated as assets throughout your company?
  • How close is your company to being truly customer centric?
  • What obstacles are keeping your company/people from being customer centric?


These are but a few questions to prompt you to consider what proactive steps you have taken to view your company through your customers eyes and to highlight opportunities for improvement.

What does your business own that's significant?


In the end, the most significant thing businesses own is the relationship they have with their customers. Customers are a more valuable asset than real estate and can outlast most employees and patents. But what are you doing to build those assets? (Put another way, what are you doing to increase revenue besides just working harder?) Because competition today is less about who has the best products and more about which company can spend the most time interacting with (and therefore learning from) its customers you need a customer centric focus- looking at your customers as assets, not as a cost of doing business.


We help our clients develop, execute and maintain profitable customer relationships. And we work with your people to execute and track the progress for verifiable results. Why is this important? Because lacking clear and objective customer-focused purposes and processes that survive economic downturns and outlive changes in management, long-term progress toward any destination is impossible to sustain.


Changing the business' focus to a customer-centered paradigm has broad- reaching impact across your organization. And the opportunity it gives many companies to re-visit their organization as a whole to improve business processes and achieve significant return on investment is tremendous. Gilmore Lewis has years of experience in facilitating the change in workflow and information flow that creates buy-in, enthusiasm and confidence from employees. We work with you to provide the context and rationale for justifying change, often change in career-long work patterns.


With the proper customer focused organization, you can:


  • Build on what you accomplish each year in increasing your customer assets- and verify it with hard numbers.
  • Have a more structured work environment that allows for creative thinking
  • Establish Meaningful Sales/Service policies and processes that produce results (build your assets)
  • Manage people through information instead of going through people to get the information you need