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Sales Compensation Administration


Speed, Accuracy and a Paper Trail

It is one thing to design a sales compensation plan, but Sales Compensation Administration is often more challenging than coming up with the plans.

We help clients design AND implement sales compensation solutions which automate key components of the commission calculation process. Whether you need a new or improved plan in MS Excel or something more sophisticated we can help you.

In the area of Sales Compensation we can also assist you with Compensation Design, Quota Setting, and Sales Territory Design.

What About POS or 3rd Party Sales Data?

Even the best OnDemand or EIM solution still needs you to put the revenue in the right buckets before they can start calculating commissions.

For companies using POS or 3rd party data to pay commissions this is often more of a bottle neck than the actual commission process. We can help you automate this stage as well whether it is by improving your existing process or implementing an alternative solution.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with Sales Compensation Administration.