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Gilmore Lewis, LLC helps small to mid-sized companies build AND implement effective business strategies to grow revenue and profit. Our clients typically have 2M to 30M in sales revenue and less than 150 employees.


We believe Marketing Strategies and Sales Goals are meaningless unless you are prepared to relentlessly manage the thousand details it takes to implement them.


Changing the trajectory and focus of a business is hard work and most of that begins at the implementation phase. This is where we part ways with consulting firms that just provide recommendations for improvement; we actually help clients implement our ideas. With that understanding we craft strategies that can be implemented, not pie in the sky ideas that make you feel good. 


We focus on the following areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Business/Product Development when assisting clients:



While we can certainly help you improve any one of these areas of your business our impact is greater when we are able to address your business as a whole and align all of these elements together to support your unique business goals and objectives. Merely fixing a bad comp plan is not going to turn your business around if your strategy is outdated or you have the wrong sales people for the job.


Call us at 1-828-263-1114 to tell us what brought you to our website and to learn more about how we can work together to achieve your goals.